Good Governance is the way to sustainability in any entity. “The system by which companies are directed and controlled”. Good governance promotes accountability, transparency, efficiency, and rule of law at all levels and allows efficient management of human, natural, economic, and financial resources for equitable and sustainable development.

IGCI School of Governance, offers under-graduate and post-graduate qualifications in the field of Governance and Compliance, in collaboration with a few prestigious Universities in the United Kingdom. IGC Corporate Governance & Compliance education offers comprehensive knowledge in good management practices. Global corporates are continuously hunting for professionally qualified individuals with broader knowledge in Corporate Governance, Compliance processes, transparency, and accountability for reducing conflicts in operational aspects.

All levels of Governance & Compliance programs delivered by IGCIC are fully accredited and internationally recognized qualifications


Foundation in Governance & Compliance

Foundation in G&C delivers a solid foundation and will open doors for a school leaver to get into the corporate world in Compliance.

Diploma in Governance & Compliance

Diploma level will provide Students with further skills and knowledge needed to become a compliance Officer in diverse fields such as banking, finance & healthcare.

ICA Certificate in Anti Money Laundering

Suitable for operational or front-line staff and those considering embarking on a new career in AML as a stepping-stone for study at a higher level.

ICA Certificate in Compliance

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about compliance, the regulatory environment, and the role played by compliance, and for those considering embarking on a new career in compliance as a stepping-stone for study at a higher level.

ICA International Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance

Discover the fundamentals of regulatory compliance and why it is a real benefit, both to your organisation and industry.

ICA Advanced Certificate in Business Compliance

This intermediate-level course has been specifically designed for compliance professionals working outside of financial services (e.g., oil and gas, telecoms, and aerospace), and allows you to gain actionable and practical risk-management skills to excel in your role.

ICA International Advanced Certificate in Anti Money Laundering

An intermediate level course designed for those already in an anti money laundering role and those looking to embark on a new career in in this field. You will gain actionable, practical knowledge to excel in your role.

ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

New technologies are changing the role of a compliance professional. Fintech and Regtech are now embedded in compliance lexicon, but what do the terms mean, and what are the practical impacts, both positive and negative, that we need to understand and manage?

ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering

Our flagship qualification and the industry-standard for MLROs and professionals managing money laundering risk. This advanced level course will help you develop and implement best practice AML initiatives and boost your professional profile.

ICA Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

This leadership programme has been designed to sharpen the strategic skills of senior managers and those aspiring to hold the highest compliance positions within an organisation.


Governance and Compliance learners can progress to complete international business law master’s degree. While this degree does not qualify you as a lawyer, it does open opportunities to apply for further law education, Corporate Law understanding, international business negotiations and etc This will help you enjoy fantastic career growth in several areas within business and allows you to use your legal knowledge to advise and consult for organisations at a global level.

One of the main benefits of an LLM is that you’ll be able to access many jobs with an international business and corporate world, and many graduates get to enjoy greater job satisfaction, higher earnings, and continued job progression.