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The Institute of Governance and Compliance takes its data protection obligations very seriously. Access to any personal information you give us when making an application or enrolling and studying with us is subject to a staff confidentiality agreement. Access to and use of your personal information is limited in any specific circumstance to only those staff and administrators who need that access to manage and respond to your application, enrolment, studies, and related processes and use of our services.

This information will include personal data about you, contact details, your education and qualifications, personal statements, supporting statements, and if you are not a National of country of study, evidence of your permission to live and study in said country (such as a Visa or Residence Permit). It will include financial data and information relating to any fees, payments, and funding.

This data will be used to assess your application to study with us and we may contact you to ensure we have all the information we need, and to give you opportunities to let us know more details that will help us consider your application.

Alongside your personal details, your studies will generate personal data relating to your courses, attendance, assessments, research, examinations, qualifications, disciplinary issues, complaints, and use of our services. Please see below for more on the use of this personal data.


The data we receive will be used to contact you, assess your application, and consider making you an offer to study. It will be used to create your IGC Student record, should you enroll with us, and to manage and record the results of your studies or research, manage your financial obligations with the Institute, scholarships, and other awards as applicable, your use of our services and your involvement in any required IGC processes and procedures. Once you leave, it will be used to create an Alumni record.


      • To facilitate and deliver your education or chosen course of study, record the details of your studies and attendance (including any placement with external organizations) and determine and record any course work, assignments, and any examinations you undertake.
      • To administer the financial aspects of your relationship with us and any related funders.
      • To manage your use of facilities and participation at events (eg LMS, Virtual Library, Quality Assessment Documentation, etc.)
      • To enable effective communications with you or those you authorize us to communicate with on your behalf.
      • To enlist participation in student surveys and student feedback reporting.
      • To operate security, disciplinary, complaint, and quality assurance processes and arrangements.
      • To support your student union membership, health, safety, welfare, and wellbeing whilst with us.
      • To facilitate and help deliver our training, careers, and employability services.
      • For the provision of your Higher Education Achievement Report.
      • To support internal research and the gathering of statistics with the purpose of improving our services and facilities and meeting statutory reporting obligations.
      • To deliver our Alumni services.
      • To monitor our responsibilities under equality legislation.


Generally, the Institute is processing your personal information because the processing is necessary for you to enter into an agreement with us, (your application) or for the performance of the agreement you have entered with us, (when you enroll on a course of study or research).


The Institute also will process personal data in relation to its educational and research tasks in the public interest, to measure and improve our institutional performance and efficiency, and to assist the governments’ and their agencies in monitoring our performance and achievements.

Very occasionally, we may use your personal information in an emergency, to protect your or another’s vital interests, where we cannot obtain explicit consent. It is important for you to keep your emergency contact details up to date.

And in very specific circumstances, for example in some of our direct mailing and in some of our fundraising activities, we will process personal data where we believe the Institute has a legitimate interest, carefully documenting our considerations and reasoning.


Institute will legally share your personal data in a number of circumstances with third parties:

      • Higher Education Authorities and Accreditation Agencies in Sri Lanka and/or any other country that offers the qualification.
      • Your funders and/or sponsors; Banks.
      • The providers of any external learning or training placements
      • Relevant Government Departments.
      • Universities and Institutes offer exemptions for IGC students.
      • Providers of anti-plagiarism software.
      • The police and other law enforcement agencies, if requested.
      • Auditors
      • Companies or organizations providing specific services on behalf of the IGC.
      • IGC will not make your examination results publicly available and will require your consent to make these available to external enquirers or organizations.
      • Your email address will be made internally available through our internal online directory lookup facility.

We will not normally disclose any other personal information about you to other external enquirers and organizations without your consent unless it is in your vital interests to do so.


Whilst a student with us, you will have password-protected access to some of your personal information held in various Institute’s systems and are expected to keep your personal details, including contact details, up to date.

Under the Sri Lanka Data Protection Act enacted on 10th March 2022, you have the right, subject to some exemptions, to access the personal information that is held about you.

For any personal data issues, please contact the Institute Compliance Team at [email protected]


After you have graduated from the Institute, a core record of your studies is retained indefinitely so that the details of your academic achievements can be confirmed. These details are also used for statistical and historical research.

Additionally, when you have ended your studies, your contact and core personal details are shared with our Alumni Team and added to our alumni records.

When you end your studies, you will receive more information about our Alumni services.

You can also contact the IGC Administrator for any concerns or issues relating to the processing of your personal information.

Updated on 10th march 2022.