IGC International Campus

IGC unveiled their newest chapter when it opened the doors in UAE. The campus has been established under licence by the Government of Sharjah.

The mission of the campus is rooted in its desire to support individual personal transformation for its students –and this will be reflected in the quality of education for students who enroll at the UAE campus

IGC has an enviable reputation for providing quality, practice-based education in a professional and friendly environment, and this will translate to the UAE campus.


As one of the world’s great success stories in diversified economic development, the UAE is the pre-eminent business and leisure hub in the region. The UAE recognised the importance of investing in education and enabling entrepreneurship to facilitate the growth of a knowledge economy. Becoming a hub for higher education is central to that strategy.

This becomes even more important in the post-Covid world with travel and visa restrictions affecting international student enrolments in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other popular western higher education hubs.

There is also an opportunity for UAE based universities to attract and retain outbound (west or east) resident students by offering better value, leverage the world-class health and safety infrastructure and a more liberal visa and travel regime.

Living in UAE

Sharjah is one of the UAE’s seven Emirates. The city centre of Sharjah is just a short drive from the metropolis of Dubai, one of the world’s leading tourism and business destinations. Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, with the desert as a backdrop, Sharjah is rich in natural beauty.

Known as one of the Islamic world’s cultural centers and the UAE’s sporting hub, there is no shortage of activities outside of campus for students. Along with museums and historical sites, desert camping and camel racing are high on the list for students looking to experience a real piece of Sharjah.