IGC Declaration of Academic Intergrity

Platform for Direction & Control



Students should email the following documents to the email address provided by the Department of Examination, IGC.

  1. Duly filled Examination Application form with proof of payment of exam fee.
  2. Clear Portrait color Photograph.
  3. Photo of the IGC identity card.

On or before the closing date.


Students should make sure of the availability of the following items before starting examinations.

  1. Adequate number of A4-sized ruled papers.
  2. Black and/or blue color pens.
  3. Computer with a high-resolution camera capable of accessing the LMS platform.
  4. Cam-Scanner app Installation smartphone.
  5. All devices to be sufficient charge.


Students should log into the LMS at least 15 minutes before starting the examination. Students’ attendance shall take via the LMS upon the name, candidate must show IGC identity card to the camera and a Screenshot will be taken as proof of the attendance.

Students should download the question paper received via LMS/email at least 10  minutes before starting the examination and the password to open the question paper will be sent 5  minutes before starting the examination via LMS/ email.

The student should contact the supervisor/invigilators immediately if he/ she faces an issue (e.g., log into LMS, download and open the question papers, upload photos of the answer scripts, etc.) via prior-informed mechanisms (e.g., dedicated telephone numbers, WhatsApp, etc.). Any communication should carry the student’s registration number & Name.


Students should make sure to:

      • Hand-write answers in black and/or blue color pens.
      • Maintain 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins in answer sheets.
      • Students should mention the Index number, page number, and signature on each page.
      • Write only on one side of each paper.
      • Students should turn on the camera of the computer and focus the camera of the smartphone from 90 degrees angle to the computer screen, allowing the invigilator to have a complete view of the candidate’s movements. Keep the ZOOM connectivity open to be monitored throughout the examination.


Students shall have an additional 15 Minutes to upload the answer scripts to LMS. Students should submit the answer script:

      • Students take photos of the answer scripts with a smartphone using Cam-Scanner under sufficient resolution.
      • Upload to the LMS via a dedicated email address provided by IGC.
      • With the index number, course code, Subject Name, and the number of pages attached in the email subject line.

It is advised to convert the photos to a single PDF file by a Cam Scanner app. LMS TIME SCAN is incorporated into the system.

Supervisor/ invigilators shall acknowledge the receipt and confirm the number of pages of the attached file to the candidate. If the scripts are not legible, the candidate will ask to make a resubmission. Till then the candidate should stay online.

Students should maintain the confidentiality of the documents till the end of the process.


You will be provided contact numbers of the exam supervisor, and invigilators in charge before the exam. Do not hesitate to contact any of them during this period to get help if you would face any issues or if you have questions such as uploading matters, in exam papers, etc.

Your handwritten answer scripts of all the subjects should be posted via registered post to the Institute at the end of the examination.

If the handwritten answer scripts are not received at the Institute or if sending the answer scripts cannot be proved, the candidate shall be considered absent for that examination. Your handwritten answer scripts will be verified with the softcopy submitted. The candidates should not write anything after submitting the softcopy. Further changes or any additions to the answer script after the due period shall be considered an examination offense and shall be dealt with accordingly.


Students are not allowed to use, Headphones, earphones, or dual screens during the examination.

Students who exit the exam and shut down the camera recording during the period of examination for any reason whatsoever will not be allowed to continue the examination

A student, who does not attempt the examination during the given time without a valid reason (e.g., medical reason), shall be considered absent for that examination and shall not be given a second chance.

Any attempt in plagiarism, screen sharing or reflection, using unauthorized high-tech equipment other than the devices described above, logging in to unauthorized websites, pasting questions into the  URL, impersonation, use of external devices, looking around the room, or making suspicious gestures during the exam,  distracted eye movements,  extra person presence,  and or any other unusual behavior shall be considered as unethical practices and shall be immediately detected by IGC auto proctoring algorithm.

Students who commit such unethical acts will be removed from IGC Studentship permanently